July 13, 2009

Food That I Really Missed - Bak Kwa

Bak kwa - a barbequed flat piece of minced pork is one thing that I miss most... This is one food that cannot be brought across the Australian customs. I will not miss it when I go back to Singapore, even though I normally do not eat bak kwa other than the Chinese New Year season.

This tasty sweet piece of meat is very popular in Singapore and Hong Kong. Some would stand in long queues to buy the best ones before CNY. My SIL tried making some a few weeks ago with this Lily Ng's recipe. The taste was somewhat there but the texture is not perfect. Anyhow I was happy to taste something close to it :)

Bak kwa is great to be eaten on its own. Other popular ways of eating - putting a slice in between 2 slices of bread or cut it up into shreds and put them into fried rice. Yum! I prefer to eat them on its own :p

Whilst hubby had some hours at Singapore airport in transit to come back to Brissy, I asked him to buy a couple of pieces and eat them on my behalf.... I hope he remembered to do that!

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