January 8, 2006

Red is the Colour

Chinese New Year is approaching in 3 weeks' time. Decided to pop by Chinatown this afternoon. Went to my daddy's workplace to buy sets of traditional coffee shop type of coffee cups and saucers for a friend.

There was the Chinese New Year light-up programme this evening, and so Chinatown was extremely crowded and busy! If Orchard is the place to go to see Christmas lights, then Chinatown is the place to see CNY lights! Some roads were blocked since 3pm in preparation for the evening's event.

Entrance to the blocked off area. Police were seen directing traffic and probably standing by for crowd control.

There are people who would actually be there by 3pm to wait and see the process of setting up and having a 'front seat' to the stage of the the evening's lightup. See how comfortable some made themselves to be!

Street stalls selling food stuff, decorative stuff can be sighted everywhere. There is the famous place selling barbequed pork - LCG. Every year at this time, there will be a long snake queue of people queueing to buy their bbq pork. In comparison, you can hardly see any queues for other stalls selling bbq pork nearby. I wanted to join in the queue since it was rather short today. But decided to pull out last minute.

I passed by Chinatown in the evening again... so managed to take a shot of it in the night.. after the lightup!!

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