June 12, 2009

Attending a Wedding Without 'Wedding Clothes'

Last Friday, hubby and I drove 5-6 hours, more than 400 km down south to Coffs Harbour (about mid-way to Sydney) in NSW. We travelled all the way there to attend the wedding of my secondary school friend of 20 years, L. I drove about half the trip for 2.5 hrs and hubby drove the rest of it to our destination.

After hubby drove for about 30 mins, I looked behind to back seats, wondering where our clothes were hanged. These clothes were the ones that we wanted to wear for L's wedding the next day. To our horror, we then realised that we left those clothes behind in Brisbane (about 300km away)! Hubby packed those clothes and then thought about other things to bring whilst packing and totally forgot to bring them from our bedroom upstairs to our lounge room downstairs to be loaded into the car. I was a bit shocked but did not blame hubby nor was I the least bit angry with him. Hubby blamed himself for a while and then picked himself up. I reckon that it would be better that we laugh about this boo-boo instead of being angry :p I quickly sms L that we may turn up in our jeans and t-shirt if we cannot find appropriate clothes at Coffs. I thought L and M probably wouldn't mind since the dress code was "smart casual" :)

Praise God that we live close by to a huge shopping centre which has many big brandshops. We decided to shop at Target since they generally have nicer, slightly more formal clothes than Kmart and Big W and most importantly, they have both men and women clothes, which means we could shop together. We parked at the part of the shopping centre that is closest to Target. As we walked in, we saw the games shop that we wanted to go buy Big Taboo from this weekend. We were quite happy that we need not go walk around to search for the shop and we could just quickly buy it off the shelves with the 1 hour and a bit that we have to have breeky, shop for wedding clothes and Big Taboo.

It was quite a huge pressure for me to shop for something specifically suitable for a wedding with as little money as possibly, within 30 mins and it has to go well with the red mary janes shoes that I was wearing. I walked around the female clothes department with many winter casual clothes surrounding me. The only few dresses that I found, were dull black office wear. Finally I found a grey dress with black prints with nice pleats that I like. The dress is quite flattering on me (I think). I really did pray that I will find something suitable and God answered my prayer! The dress costs us $60, which was average priced for a dress. Hubby found a few potential shirts to go with his jeans. A brown long-sleeved with black prints shirt stood out for me and I chose that for him. In total, we spent less than $100, the price for our mistake. As soon as we paid for it, we got changed in the toilet at the shopping centre and quickly drove off for the wedding!

What we left behind

What we eventually wore

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eleasa said...

yay, Target to the rescue! i'd say you two made do quite well.

and now you have a great story to tell. ;)

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