June 12, 2009

A Really Short But Needed Getaway

A week ago last Friday, we drove to Coffs Harbour for a short vacation, although the real reason was to attend M&L's wedding. It was a good excuse to be there since I have not been there (except passing by) before.

A pano shot of the harbour

Coffs is a small town of about 70,000. I was wondering if I should call it a beach town as it is home to about 3-4 beaches and people like to go there to surf. Hubby and I are not into water sports in general (I have only probably ever tried kayaking) and hence that does not appeal to me. At most what I like to do is to walk along the beach and enjoy the sound of the waves and the view of the horizon. But we did not go to the beaches at all this time...

We did not have much time to do our own vacation activities... arrived there late on Friday, only in time to sleep. Most of Saturday was the wedding. We left 12.30pm on Sunday to drive back to Brisbane so that we could have dinner with my brother and his friends. With that Sunday morning, we had a little of a sleep in and head off to the market at Jetty Village Shopping Centre (which was just an "okay" market) and then to Mutton Bird Island, in the hope of catching the sight of some humpback whales. As we walked from the jetty area to the island (it is walking distance away), we stopped by a seafood shop (with heaps of fresh seafood) to buy some fish and chips and calarmari for our brunch. Really like that feeling of eating fresh seafood near the waters, with everything in Brisbane cast aside and to enjoy that relaxing moment with hubby. The walk along the jetty to the island was also a nerve calmer, with chips and calarmari in our hands, munching away... I finally made the way to the island and back (requires quite some physical workout) but did not see any whales... but we definitely took a lot of photos!

Thank God for this short but timely vacation so that we could relax, chill out a bit and be a bit more refreshed to face Brisbane (which by now, I am tired again... :p).

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