June 9, 2009

Big Taboo

Heard of this new taboo game from ST. As an ardent fan of the classic taboo, news of this Big Taboo excites me. I went searching google where and how much does the game cost. I was glad to find out that it is sold in a game shop locally in Australia. (otherwise it is only available in US and shipping is not cheap).

The only shop that I could find, has a shop front at a shopping centre in Coffs Harbour (5-6 hours drive south of Brisbane, about half way to Sydney). I could have bought it via their website. But since we knew that we will be going there for a friend's wedding last weekend, we waited to get it from the shop ourselves.

We invested A$50 (it was tagged as $59.95 at the shop but we saw it for $49.95 on their website. They sold it to us at the cheaper price ;p) in our new board game or more correctly known to us as a "ministry game". We do not have any board games under our names. The only games that we have is a interactive dvd game about the earth (Christmas present from N&P) and majong (only 4 players). Big taboo is our first board game. We reckon that this is a good tool to help guests to chilll and fellowship. At gatherings sometimes, we borrow games (cranium, pictionary, rapidough) from friends whom we know owns them... Big taboo is one game that non of our closer friends have and hence we can share it around!

Can't wait to play this!

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