May 14, 2009

Tomatoes and Rockmelon

Some time back, I bought some fresh truss tomatoes from Aldi and harvested the seeds to experiment growing the plant from seeds. I managed to grow them into big and healthy tomato plants and gave some plants away too!

The 4 plants that I have in my garden are doing very well and producing beautiful tomatoes... waiting for them to ripen. Meanwhile, there are also random cherry tomato plants that sprouted out from the ground too... probably from the tomatoes that fell to the ground.

The biggest tomato is that size (as my hand held it) at this moment. I am quite pleased with any size so long as they are good and best of all, they are organic!

A friend also gave us some mystery? watermelon/rock melon seedlings a while ago. I planted them into the ground and had to throw away some as they were growing and overtaking my tomato plants (they are crawlers and spreaders). A month ago, we saw some fruit growing out that looked like a watermelon and recently, we noticed that the skin was turning rough, indicating that it is more likely to be a rock melon. The plant suddenly died (all leaves went dry) and we figure we will clear the ground for more space. The unripened fruit has to be thrown away too. But before we do that, we took a photo of the fruit!

The unripened rock melon, slightly bigger than the size of my hand but it is rather heavy

Winter's approaching (my favourite season) and it is time then, to prune back most plants in my garden and prepare them (and the soil) for spring and summer veggies/fruits!

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