May 14, 2009

Curtaining Efforts

At this time of the year, there is short daylight and longer nights - bright sunshine about 6.20am in the morning and the sky gets dark about 5.30pm. Since my folks are visiting us next week (and later on, my bro and his friend), we figure that it would be good to install some curtain/blinds that will block out the sunlight. We already have sunout curtains in our bedroom (facilitates our occasional sleeping-in) in addition to the venetian blinds that we have throughout the entire house.

Initially, I thought of sewing curtains but later thought it will be too cumbersome and the cost of buying sunout holland blinds (25% off at Spotlight) is only a bit more than the curtain fabric material. However later on, we discovered an easy way to sew the curtain so that it stays where it is. Except that we have to think of a way to draw it when we need to draw. The curtains can be removed easily and kept away for storage until you need them for guests.

The smaller window just above the bed in the guestroom. I sewed this curtain :)

However, since we opened one of the holland blind (and unable to get it refunded), we thought we will install it anyhow.

Hubby installing the holland blinds which will go over our current venetian blinds

The end result: a darker room, best for sleeping... only thing is, the sunlight shines on the bed where it will be shining on the person's face!

I dislike how the walls in the room are in 2 different colours... that was left behind by the previous owner and we did not want to spend money to paint them (many walls in the house are painted in various colours!) for now... Maybe when we have the money, we will do that... Hope to paint the walls cream/white so that they will look bigger and I reckon these mocha blinds would go well with it!

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