February 26, 2009

Rethinking About My Diet

Just heard from a lady I know via work about her special diet. She is just about the 3rd trimester of her pregnancy and she has some other health problems before her pregnancy. Her dietian has given her a list of food that she should stay away from and a list that she can eat. With the diet restrictions, her health is getting better and even though she has only barely put on weight with her baby, her baby is of a healthy size. Apparently food with preservatives 200-260 are a definite no-no to eat. After the chat, it makes me want to go back to Coles to shop again (I just did my weekly shopping early this morning).

It also seems that healthier diet means spending more to buy fresh food and cook them yourselves, instead of processed food. This also means that I should cook my own pasta sauce instead of buying the ready-to-cook type. Which also means that I should be cooking my own green curry from scratch with all the spices instead of using the packet of green curry paste! How difficult is that! This requires a mindful change of habits in grocery shopping and my cooking and baking. i.e. no more Doritos, sweet things, ice cream, etc... But I think it is high time for me to think it through, for the sake of my health, hubby's health and the health of people whom I cook/prepare food for.

Our first home grown pak choy :) Nice and fresh!

For a start, I could do with eating veggies grown organically. I usually get my Asian veggies supply from my MIL who grows quite a fair bit in their garden. Hubby and I planted some pak choy seedlings in January and they are finally growing big and strong! Yesterday, we harvested our first pak choy and had them for dinner with our 2 guests :) It felt so good to eat freshly harvested veggies from my own garden. And they were considered organic as I did not add any incesticides to them, other than some waste food into the soil as compost. Next up, truss tomatoes! Prayerfully they will grow well.... (yeah, we really actually pray that our plants will grow and give thanks for them :))

Truss tomatoes: (left) Sperm-like looking but they are seeds with little roots and (right) seedlings grew after 2 weeks

Next up, our Truss tomotoes seedlings. I bought the Truss tomatoes, fresh and cheap from Aldi. As I was finishing them, I figure that I could try to reproduce the tomatoes in my garden. With advice from my SIL, I harvested seeds from the tomotatoes, put them in water for about a week (change water everyday) and roots began to sprout out from the seeds. I planted them in a small tray until they grew into a seedling. They are now ready to be transplanted in the ground! As I have got 15 seedlings in all, I decided to give away some... Really looking forward to the growth and eating home grown healthy truss tomatoes!

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h2omelon gal said...

Wow! Great vegetables. I'm green with envy :)

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