May 11, 2009

More Flannelette Pillow Cases

I made 2 flannelette pillow cases last week and I thought I will go back to Spotlight to buy their flannelette fabric (which was on sale), before the sale ends. We bought 2 flat flannelette sheets a month back and I figure that I would make another 2 matching pillow cases for the other sheet.

I was probably not concentrating and cut the fabric a little wrongly. Anyway I managed to sort it out and here is the end product!

A bit of a different look as compared to the previous 2 cases that I made

1 other thoughts:

Anonymous said...

lovely! nice to see you enjoying your Sew Fun, and i think 'aunty YL' enjoys giving you the tips since she has at least one daughter who shows ZERO interest in sewing ;)

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