May 11, 2009

Sewing Project #7 - Flannelette Sleeping Pants

Daddy and mummy will soon be coming to visit us. Since it would be cold during the nights here, I thought I will sew a flanelette drawstring sleeping pants which will be big enough for mummy and something which I can wear after she leaves (She does not need it in Singapore). I bought a pair for A$10 towards the end of winter last year (I could not justify spending more than $10 for it. Right now, the cheapest is A$13), which I could use as a prototype to make a larger one. And of course, I had some valuable advice from Aunty YL.

The fabric only cost $7.98 ($3.99/m sale price). I stuffed up this project quite a bit as the cutting of the shape and size was not easy. I had to patch up on some areas (mostly the back of it). Decided to add in the purple trimming at the end of the pants to have something different. In the end, I hope my mum can fit into this... I was quite happy with how it looks even though this was probably the worst project I have done! Nevertheless, I reckon it is good enough to wear at home but not out of the house! I still have got much to learn about dressmaking...

Purple trimming with a bit more fanciful stitches with my Sew Fun.

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