April 23, 2009

So Fun, Sew Fun!

Before I moved to Brisbane, mummy wanted to buy me a sewing machine because apparently, it is the Chinese tradition that mothers give their daughters a sewing machine as part of their dowry amidst other gifts. I rejected the offer as I was not sure if I ever could sew (the last time I sewn was a good 15 years ago) and the electric sewing machines scare me. I imagined them to be hard to control and once I step on the peddle, it will sew and sew and I cannot control it. I do not like not being able to control things...

How would I know that recently (probably gradually) I have been inspired to try to sew. I have also been seeing my MIL sew clothes for Belle and it seems easy..?? So I borrow my SIL's machine and sat on it for a good 2 weeks doing nothing and finally I had to return her as she needs it. Next, I borrowed B's machine and after a good mucking around, I finally managed to sew!

2 days ago, I saw that an Elna sewing machine was going on sale from today at Spotlight. It was an introductory offer of A$149 (U.P. A$399), with savings of A$250! I began to think about it and asked around... Aunty YL was kind enough to help me evaluate and even went to the shops to have a look! I also had the blessings of B's mum, Aunty G who recommended that it was a good price for a good Elna brand. This morning, I prayed that God will give us wisdom to decide if this machine was a good buy...

So hubby went with me to Spotlight after work, to look at sunout curtains (for our guestroom & study), discounted fabrics and the Sew Fun. With hubby's blessing, we spent the $ for me to be able to sew things, perhaps even clothes in the near future... and who knows, when I am older, I may be able to sew quilts for my children and grandchildren (just like hubby's aunty 姑姑)!

Don't you think it looks very girly? I love the look and colours! : )

After I got the machine and returned home to see my email, Aunty YL emailed me that she went to Myer and Spotlight and surveyed all other available sewing machines and the various brands. She concluded that the Elna Sew Fun was a good buy for that price (basic enough and yet able to do a bit more) and she recommended the purchase. But of course she did not know that I bought it already! Even the girl at the cash register was surprised that I am getting a saving of A$250 with that machine!

Comes with a vinyl cover for storage

My mini collection of fabrics to date. Bought most of them on sale price.

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