April 24, 2009

Homemade Kaya (aka Coconut Jam)

My Glory kaya is running out (yes, you can find the Singapore-made Glory in the shops here!) and I thought I will attempt to make the kaya which Tez made for me last year. It was her mum's recipe which only uses microwave to cook! Looks easy but apparently you may not get it right the first time. I think my attempt is quite about the same as what Tez gave me...

4 Eggs
250g caster sugar
200ml coconut milk+ 1 tsp cornflour mixed together
Pandan leaves tied in a knot
3 tbsp extra caster sugar

Microwave Method:
1. Put all ingredients except extra sugar into a covered microwaveable bowl, mixed well beforehand.
2. Microwave on medium high for 5 mins
3. Remove and whisk well till emulsified
4. Microwave 4 more minutes, stir again
5. Microwave 2 more minutes
6. Heat the extra sugar till caramelised then add to mixture, stirring well.

NB: handle with oven gloves! very hot!

I added some pandan essence as I wanted the green colour. It seems my frozen pandan leaves does not produce much green colouring as I would have thought. I reckon this recipe is not too bad for a microwave version... I put in less sugar than requested accidentally and it is not as sweet as your typical kaya... which also means it is healthier! But make sure you consume it quickly. Apparently it does not keep very well...

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