January 23, 2009

Managing A Grouchy 2-Year-Old

My 25-month-old niece Belle just got promoted to 姐姐 (big sister) with the birth of her 妹妹(younger sister) Chris. As with most 2-year-olds, this is the time where they are able to say some words but at times, unable to fully express and communicate their emotions and thoughts well. This results in them getting extra clingy to their parents or caregivers and are generally more grouchy and moody. If their mummies are pregnant with no 2 at this time, they will naturally feel jealous and not used to having someone else share their parents' attention. Yet this is also the best time as they learn new things and it is such a joy to see them grow :)

On her day 5 of being 姐姐, my SIL G and I decided to take Belle out for a bit since we both don't work on Fridays and also to allow my MIL to bring my BIL for a doctor consult. The moment Belle got into the car and realised that my MIL wasn't gonna come along, she started to cry her eyes out. I sat beside her in the car and tried to pacify her. I placed my hand on her tummy and told her to calm down, stop crying and listen to me. It was really difficult... but when I started singing "Jesus loves me this I know", she stopped crying. But when I stopped singing, she went on crying again. Soon after, she stopped and I could tell her that we are gonna be seeing some animals and then we will go hospital to visit mummy, daddy and 妹妹.

Belle had a good time at Pet City, where we saw heaps of fishes, birds, tortoises, dogs, cats, etc. Belle was a bit better then, even though she did not smile much... but she began to speak and is willing to take photos with the fishes so that she could show mummy the photos and tell her what she saw with us. I think all kids like to see animals and pets...

姨姨 G with Belle and the fishes

Belle and her new friends - tortoises!

After the one hour we spent at Pet City, we went to Sunnybank Plaza for some morning tea. Ask Belle and she would say she is going to "Sunnybank!". At the carpark whilst waiting for a lot, she saw the pillar nearby on her left and said "G!", which was actually "G1" written on the pillar. She looked to her right and she said "F". She impressed G and myself that she knew, recognised and made known to us that she knows her alphabets.

Belle enjoyed the egg tart and taro cake and she was happy that she managed to have her favourite bubble tea (because it is sweet!). I hope she realised that it really wasn't that bad but really fun to go out with her favourite aunties. She was a lot more readily happy and okay for people to bring her out in the past. But I think she is growing up now and ever changing in her character/personality. She is such a dear... Even though she now has a 妹妹 and a cousin 妹妹coming soon (by winter), she is still our dear first born, eldest and a dear to the Wong family.

"cheese!" This is how she takes photos now, except that she can't smile here because she has food in her mouth

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