January 27, 2009

Chilli Harvest

Praise God for a good chilli harvest this summer. I have given away quite a number of red ripened chillies and also gave a bag of green chillies to a friend who made them into preserved green chillies. Being a non-chilli eater, I store chillies that were not given away in the freezer for future use, should my visitors likes chillies (or for my mum when she visits from Singapore).

I get quite excited when I see the green chillies turn red. It brings a smile :) to my face. The red colour is so bright and nice... At this current moment, there are at least 5 which have just turned red or will be completely red in a day or 2. Green chillies don't suddenly completely turn red. They reddened in parts and so you may see a half red and green chilli. I was quite pleased that a friend liked my chilli so much that she took it and planted it in a pot and it is growing really well.

Am really thankful that my younger/newer chilli plant is bearing longer and hotter chillies than my original/'parent' plant. Both are actively producing chillies now and I am just happy enough to have them grow :)

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