January 23, 2009

Pearl / Bubble Tea

Some friends asked how I made the pearls at home to make bubble tea (aka pearl tea). Some of them had failed attempts in making the tapioca pearls.Justify Full They are really easy to make, but I reckon the brand and quality of the pearls may make a difference. This is the one that I bought from Yuen's Grocery for A$2.99 (it was A$2.49 some time in Oct last year)

The water has to be really boiling bubbling hot when you put the pearls in, otherwise they may just dissolve into the water. For this brand of pearls, after you throw them in and you see that the pearls fattened up a bit, then turn down to medium heat, allow it to cook for 5 minutes (I let it cooked a couple of minutes longer) and there you go - yummy and chewy pearls!

For best results, after you drain the water away, put some sugared water/syrup with the pearls. This will give the pearls a little sweet taste before you add them into your milk tea later. They taste nicer with a bit of sweetness too. The pearls alone are tasteless and if you add them to the milk tea, it still remains tasteless. To make the sugared water/syrup, just boil some water and put a lavish amount of sugar. Allow it to boil a little. I put in enough sugar when my tastebuds say "yeah this is sweet enough". You can also use this syrup to add into the milk tea. These pearls really have a good chewy texture. Try, where possible, not to leave the pearls in the fridge. They then to stick together more and is a bit harder. If you want to store in the fridge, take them out about 1 hour before so that they won't be that hard. I've not figured out a way to handle it so that they won't stick to each other...

Enjoy, and I hope my friends reading this, will succeed! :)

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