January 27, 2009

Look of My Dream Kitchen

Saw the above picture on one of last year's Better Homes and Gardens magazine that I recently borrowed from the library. I thought I really like the colour schemes and the general look of the kitchen. Took this photo as a reference, so that if ever in future we can afford the resources to renovate our kitchen, this is the look that I would like to have.

Appliances - fridge/freezer, stove, oven, dishwasher, etc with the stainless steel look.
Rangehood - canopy stainless steel
Splashback - mosaic tiles (my favourite!)
Clock - big, stylish and practical
Cabinets - the light oak colour and the long door handles
Benchtop - ivory colour, makes it easy to see if the benchtop is dirty and I can clean it.

In this other photo from a kitchen and bathroom magazine, this is a renovated kitchen where they added the small dining area and more windows to the background so that you can wash your dishes with a view.

What I like:
Dining area - combination of bench seats by the window (with storage at the bottom). This dining area doubles as a kitchen island.
Sink - big double sink with extendable tap/hose.
Floor - big tiled floor (as supposed to laminate flooring in the first picture)

What's missing in both pictures that I'd like in my kitchen is a big pantry for storage, a stainless steel fridge/freezer with the freezer at the bottom and a waist-height big oven.

After all that dreaming... I am quite thankful with my current kitchen, except for the green colour, a colour that I dislike. Give thanks for everything... even though I have my dreams and preferences ;)

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