November 6, 2008

10 Ways to Discourage My Husband

Top 10 tips to discourage your husband (descending order):
10. Keep your home messy (or frighteningly neat!)
9. Gossip with him.
8. Don't tell him how much you appreciate him. Instead, complain.
7. Critisize him.
6. Don't forgive him.
5. Don't help him.
4. Never submit without a fight.
3. Keep him celibate.
2. Commit adultery.
1. Fall away.

[Read the article here]

I must say I definitely have succeeded in the above in more ways than one. Yay!! ???

Lord, may your grace be sufficient for me. May I stay away from temptation to lead my husband away and to tear him down. I pray the Holy Spirit will guide and lead me to fail in the above attempts so that the Chief Enemy will be cross and disappointed with my failures. Amen.

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