November 8, 2008

First Year Anniversary - Home

This entry records some thoughts after I saw photos of a renovated home of someone I know from school days. The HDB flat (government apartment) undergone quite a massive renovation. I must say that the finished product was quite nice and well designed. I like it... but really, I like the decor of most homes I see and have been to.

Here in the Aussie scenes, Better Homes and Gardens recently featured Australia's Best Homes in a few of their episodes. They were also featured in their December issue of the magazine. All of those houses have great scenery surrounding it and most of them focussed on both practicality and stylish designs. By practicality, I mean big and useful kitchen with big areas for dining and entertaining and family area, materials used are good for both the cold winter and the hot summer. All of them are so stylish, that it doesn't look much like a real home but more like a show unit. I suppose to me, a home has to also look cozy and has a neat type of messiness. At least that is a sign of human activity and reality, as supposed to a totally clean and neat...

Speaking of houses, today marks the 52nd week that we have moved into our townhouse. 52 Saturdays ago, we moved in here... on 10 November 2007. Ask me how it has been?I'd tell you I (and hubby too) am only just full of thanksgiving and I should be thankful... We moved into this about 13-year-old 3-bedroom townhouse and we did not do any renovation to the place. If you asked me personally, I'd really like to do something about the house - perhaps paint some walls, change the kitchen (I don't like green and it is full of green), have a non-carpet floor and to have a study. But because of our hasty move (just a week before our wedding) and the fact that we could not afford it, we didn't do anything to it. We moved in with much given + bought 2nd-hand furniture and furnishings, thankful for a roof over our heads.

A year down the road today, I still hope to do what I'd like to do to the house, or perhaps even have a bigger place and more so for the reason of having more people over (to stay over or for a meal). But the thought of a bigger place means more cleaning and maintenance.. and most importantly we are probably never gonna be able to afford a bigger place and hence not think about it (unless God so chooses to provide). Yet in more ways than one, I have reasons to be thankful and contented for... this place is possibly larger than some of my friends' in Singapore (that's because of the scarcity of land there) and probably about the same area as my parents' home in Singapore (including our backyard and garage). If my parents could rear me and my siblings up in a small 3-bedroom flat (until we moved about 10 years ago), I don't see why I can't do the same?

The Bible encouraged and reminded me, that where I am on earth is only temporal. Everything on earth will fade away and I must look forward to that heavenly home where I belong. Jesus has gone before me and prepared a place for me in heaven. I am guaranteed that perfect home when Jesus comes again. I have still much to learn about contentment. But for now, it is what we do with this earthly house/home that God has provided for us... I pray that we will continue to learn to be generous with what we have (even though it is not a lot) and to be hospitable to others. By God's grace and providence, we have been able to do that for the past year and we pray that we will continue to be generous and hospitable with our house in many years to come.

Happy first year anniversary, my home :)

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