November 6, 2008

Once A Slave to Heroin, Now A Chef

I have been reading ieat's blog to get myself familiarised back with Singaporean food, in preparation for my visit back in about 26 days' time... I have also drawn up a list based on the location of the food centre, so that when I visit the centre, I will only eat the specific food so that I will not waste my calories...

As I was searching for the places to eat crab, I came across this recommendation of "Eighteen Chefs". ieat reviewed the food and also the chef, B who was a drug addict but gave his life to Jesus. He now is a chef at "Eighteen Chefs" and the interesting thing was, he spent a few months working at Jamie Oliver's fifteen restaurant. He probably the only Singaporean chef whogot to work there.

The testimony of B was encouraging... I have not really heard nor read his testimony prior to this, although I know/heard of him through a friend in church (who also used to be a drug addict). I think I also heard Ben play the drums (or was it guitar?) at H's wedding. I have eaten at Goshen before and have met Ben... it is true that he looks really fierce and scary but really he is a nice bloke.

Read B's story and food recommendation of Eighteen Chefs and be encouraged :) I will be there to eat lobster mornay and black pepper crab baked rice ;)

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