October 6, 2008

Romantic Proposals (and reminicising)

2 Sundays ago, as we were driving back from church in the afternoon, we saw this in the sky! Awwhh... how romantic!

The final words (no picture available) read "marry me gem ?" How romantic to use skywriting to propose... Many people would be able to look up and see the words in the sky.

This brings to mind hubby's proposal to me some 17.5 months ago... it was in Singapore and hubby brought me to dine in the sky. What I meant was having dinner in a moving cable car up in the sky. It was a lovely surprise... and the proposal was in its full works - dinner, romantic pipe-in music (into the cable car, instead of recorded commentary), flowers, candlelight, ring, kneeling, poem. It had everything that I wanted in a proposal (and hubby didn't exactly know what I like). Ahhh... those sweet moments... to be cherished in my heart forever...

I have heard of many other romantic marriage proposals too... and some others, not as romantic. But I reckon it doesn't really quite matter if it is romantic or not. A marriage proposal should be genuine, sincere and meaningfully special to the couple. That's all that matters, isn't it? ;)

1 other thoughts:

ybbuhruoy said...

It's good that you can cherish that fantastic and wonderful memory forever, cos I think your hubby must have used up all the romance in his body for that proposal... and might not be capable of any more romantic gestures?!


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