September 24, 2008

Aahhhh... The Mystery of "Xue Di Zi"

I last blogged about the turbo broiler and also about making char siew? Hubby recently read about a char siew recipe on ieat. In the article, was mentioned that you could use the conventional oven or the turbo broiler. ieat's mother-in-law calls the turbo broiler "xue di zi", which is exactly what my mum calls it too! I grew up knowing it by that Chinese name but I never wondered why and what it means. I just thought that it was the name of that cooking gadget... no until I saw the words conventional oven or turbo broiler on it one time.

So apparently it was named "xue di zi" (in chinese) because the shape of it resembles a flying guillotine. How interesting! Anyhow, the use of is "xue di zi" not common in Australia yet. If anyone is using it, that person is probably (in 99% of the time) an Asian.

Now, I shall go tell my mum why she calls the turbo broiler has that name... :)

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