October 24, 2008

Hidden Surprises

I finally got around to going through 3 half-filled boxes of 2nd-hand stuff given by my SIL when we moved into our new place almost a year ago. I have taken out what I wanted from the pile and my other SIL also took some when she moved into her new place 2 months ago. I was going to take photos of the remaining items and put them up for giveaway on scoodi.

As I open up the boxes, I found the following which I was delighted to keep:

navy blue tea cup and saucer set made in England

I have been considering to buy 4x tea cups and saucer for the past month or 2. Thought of having some decent, nice ones when guests come over for meals or afternoon tea. I am most attracted to those with sweet floral designs but they usually are priced at a minimum of $10 for a set of tea cup and saucer. But I hesitate to buy them, not only because it is not cheap but also because this is not a 'need' item and hence I wonder if I should spend money on them.

Recently Robin's Kitchen and David Jones were having some sale and the Maxwell & Williams Allegro Azure range were going on 50% discount. Their tea cup and saucer set was going for only $5. I was so tempted to buy 4 sets which I could use my David Jones gift card (wedding gift) to pay for it... but I couldn't really justify my purchase, thinking if it was a good use of the limited resources that we have/are given. I was still considering it... always taking a look at them whenever I walk pass Robin's Kitchen....

But today, I found these 6 sets of tea cup and saucer. This set is about the same size as the Maxwell & Williams ones. And even though I still prefer the bright and cheery blue ones, I figure this navy blue will do just as well. After all, these are non-essentials... just something nice for guests to use. I am very thankful that instead of the 4 sets that I wanted, I now get 6 sets without spending any money! :)

Maxwell & Williams Allegro Azure tea cup and saucer going for 50% discount for A$5

Set of plastic measuring spoons

I have the same set of measuring spoons but instead of white, they come in a variety of colours. I somehow lost the "1 tbsp" spoon, which I often use it in my cooking/baking. I have been looking but nowhere do they sell only the 1-tbsp spoon and I am not willing to buy a set just so that I can get one of the spoon. This surprising find is definitely welcomed :)

I am thankful for these surprise finds. Immediately I thank God and I remember our prayer every morning, when we thank Him for His providence and that we will continue to trust in His providence even when we find it difficult :)

2 other thoughts:

Anonymous said...

nice :) next time you lose or need something like that let me know - I have a small pile of superfluous kitchen items (esp serving platters!) that would be happy to find a new home! ky

Anonymous said...

i haven't read your blog in ages (but it's funny that yours is one i probably read the most...don't even read my husband's ones :P). i'm greatly encouraged by your heart's readiness to give thanks to God for his providence in every circumstance :) ST

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