October 25, 2008

First Attempt to Barbeque

A panoramic shot of the bbq area

The townhouse complex that we live in comes with a swimming pool (which is really tiny. 2 strokes and you are at the other end. Probably call it a dipping pool instead), a tennis court (which we hardly use because we don't really play tennis), 2 bbq areas and a little playground.

Summer is approaching and many stores are having sale of bbq stoves and its related accessories. A bbq brush cleaner caught the attention of hubby whilst we were at Aldi. Hence we decided to buy it and attempt our first bbq at our complex compounds this afternoon.

(Top left clockwise) Tools of the trade (including the new brush cleaner. In fact, most of them are new), meats and veggies that we are about to cook and the gas bbq stove

And while hubby cooks, I was busy taking photos...

View of the surrounding area

Hubby in preparation, cleaning, cooking and finally, eating (All I did was eat and take photos :p)

Cooked food

VERDICT: It was quite a nice experience :) (maybe because I took a break in cooking and cleaning :p) Weather was really cool as it was drizzling a bit. Mozzies and flies will be a real problem in summer (not now YET). The food turned out a little too black but we removed the burnt bits before eating... But I know this makes hubby want to learn more about bbq cooking and to perfect his cooking skills in time to come. For that effort, his supportive wife scored him a 10/10.

2 other thoughts:

The Shtes! said...

Nice! Look forward to more cooking adventures from Hubby...and perhaps to be a makankis? :P

quop said...

dude, i think you mean makankaki(s)... speaking of which, u sure u wanna consume my charred carcinogens? :p

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