October 20, 2008

Camp Marathon of the Past

I was packing up my storage shelves when I came across this photo. This photo really should not be sitting on the shelves. CY printed it and mounted it up and gave it to all of us as a keep sake. More so for me, because that was my final year being in the camp committee. (See camp committee 2006 photo here)

The message on the back wrote:

Wow, we've been in this for 5 years! How time flies! (I was in the camp committee for 6 years but with CY in the committe for 5 years)

One request that this photo must go with you to Aussieland. Though not the greatest of all camp committee pics but I guess it is the last and the latest of the lot.

Well... this photo did come with me to Aussieland but it was not hung up anywhere in the house. This photo has my 'daddy', 'mummy' and 'little sister', my good friend cum wedding coordinator and a few others whom we laughed, spent good time and got stressed by sinners together in the planning of camps and our camp recee trips to Malaysia. I really missed those... When I heard that some of them will be going to Malaysia to recee 2009's camp site coming November, I smiled to myself, thinking of the fond memories we had when I visited that same hotel before a couple of years back. I missed the way we hung out with each other... with the food, the jokes we cracked, the hokkien that we speak, the common lingo that we used, the 'inside' words that we used and anyone of use will know what it means when we speak that (e.g. "one kind" one), etc... I don't think I can get that same type of bonding and fellowship anywhere else!

I am really looking forward to going back to Singapore in June 2010 where Hoo, Yummy Mummy, JQ and I have made that date where all 4 of us (plus 2-3 others) will be back (from all over the world) to attend church camp together with our spouses and children.

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