September 2, 2008

A Student Again

From 2001 to 2003, I took up studying a few modules from Sydney's Moore Theological College. Their correspondence course allows one to study by yourself, anywhere in the world (I think) and take the exam at the end of the term. A few people in my church in Singapore study that. I'd think most do it for their own Christian education and knowledge and not so much to obtain the certificate. That was the same reason why I began too.

It used to take one to study and pass 9 subjects before you can get the preliminary certificate in Theology and another 9 to obtain the advanced certificate. Now, they have changed the structure to pass 6 subjects for both certificates and they also introduced the intermediate certificate. You can read the summary of the new structure here.

You do not need to be a super doper Christian to attempt the subjects. It is for anyone who'd like to know more about God's word but not really go through the full theological training as a degree.

I have done and passed 3 out of 6 subjects for the preliminary certificate - Intro to Bible, Old Testament 1 and Doctrine 1. I studied New Testament 1 too but did not take the exam (because of personal reasons then that I could not study). Hubby took Intro to Bible, also a few years back. We signed up a bit late for Term 3 but still decide to go ahead. We will be studying Ephesians over the next 10 weeks and take the exam in late November. We pray that this would help us to grow in the knowledge of God's word together...

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