August 30, 2008

Baking Marathon

It began on Thursday evening, right through to the most of yesterday and this morning... I have been baking. I have offered to bake cakes to raise funds for church to install air-conditioners. Cake sales is only one of the initiative. There were lunch boxes and chocolates over the past 2 months too... all in the hope to raise more than $5k for reverse air-conditioners to cool us down in summer and warm us up in winter.

3 types of cakes are offered for sale: cranberry coconut, orange poppy seed and banana chocolate. In total, we are baking 37 loaf sizes (19x11cm), 6 24cm diameter round cakes and 36 cupcakes. Thankfully my sister-in-law offered to help me and she is baking the banana chocolate cakes.

Went shopping at 3 supermarkets, in a bid to get the best at the cheapest prices so that I can keep my cost low. Did most of shopping at Woolies in the morning before work. After work, went to Coles and Aldi to get those that I did not manage to get from Woolies.

Most of my purchases

Hubby went for 300 men for Jesus event after dinner. After watching a movie, I began to rind and juiced 16 navel oranges (got 3kg bag for sale of $2!) and sieved 2kg worth of self-raising flour and 1 kg worth of plain flour in preparation for the big day.

Part of the 16 oranges that I rinded and juiced

11am - 4pm: In this 5-hour marathon, I baked 1 round, 13 loaves and 12 cupcakes of cranberry coconut cakes and also iced 4 of the loaves, and 10 loaves and 12 cupcakes of orange poppy seed cake. I had to stop because I ran out of butter. I underestimated the amount that I require. So hubby had to buy them for me after work. In between the cakes, I had some time to do check email, surf around facebook and bring in the bin.

A total of 4.5kg of butter was used

8.30pm - 1am Sat: Hubby bought another 3kg worth of butter. After dinner and watching "Better Homes & Gardens", I baked again. This time, with a bit of hubby's assistance. However because of the wait of the only round baking tin that I have, much time was delayed and also, the larger round tin takes longer to bake in the oven compared to the smaller ones. Was glad that I finished baking all the cakes. I managed ice some cakes in between the pocket time.

Took a shower and really felt tired from the day's baking. My right arm is aching from all the folding, stirring, holding the electric beater, washing dishes and cleaning tables. It affected my back too... aching...

Saturday (today)
9.30am-11.30am: Woke up with arm and back ache... thankfully managed to complete icing all the cakes are they are good to go for tomorrow!

Cranberry coconut cake - iced and un-iced version; loaf and cupcake sizes.

Orange poppy seed cake - loaf and cupcake sizes

Boy, it has been very tiring... but very fulfilling. Thinking back, my interest for baking began 9 years ago. I baked to raise funds for my mission trip 8 years ago too. Then I baked in small proportions about 2-3 times a week because orders come in every now and then. The difference is that the cakes I baked then were simplier ones - butter, chocolate, banana, walnut, almond, cherry, marble cake. This time, the cakes are a bit more complicated and have icing or butter cream on them.

Most of the loaves, before they were packed and stored away

Tired but trying to be cheery. In the foreground, orange poppy seed cake mix ready to be folded

Postscript on Sunday 31 August: Although the cakes didn't get all sold out, I was still happy to have support of many. All praise to God! :)

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