September 4, 2008

Char Siew BBQ Pork

Last month, in my search on the internet to find out how I can make chee cheong fun sauce, I stumbled upon this blog which I found the receipe to do so. Boy, this person is a serious food recipe blogger. I reckon she is an Asian and living in NZ. I have been wanting to make char siew for some time but I have not gotten down to it. I noticed that there is a recipe on the blog so I thought I'll try it!

This Sunday is Father's Day in Australia. Australia's Mother's Day is the same as Singapore's (2nd Sunday of May) but I am not sure why the Father's Day is different. As my younger SIL is leaving for holidays this Sat and my older SIL and hubby are going away for the weekend, the Wong family celebrated Father's Day today at W&R's new place. Because it is a working day for me, I was originally spared from bringing a dish. Later I figured that I could marinade a meat dish and cook it with my turbo broiler (which is portable and I can bring it to the office) while I work. Char siew became the natural choice to make :)

Roasting with my turbo broiler (photo taken with mobile)

The original recipe calls to use pork belly but I didn't want the many layers of fat (which I will end up spitting out) and so I ended up using "collar butt" pork. Collar butt has a few streaks of fat in between which you need because of the roasting/grilling. Otherwise the meat will be too dry and tough.

End result (blurred photo using my mobile)

The char siew ended up really yum! With the left over marinade and honey glaze, I put them in a saucepan and bring it to the boil. Add cornflour to thicken the mixture. Serve the gravy with the meat :)

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