October 31, 2007

New Turbo Broiler

My mum in Singapore has been using a turbo broiler to grill meats and fishes. I thought that it is a great equipment to have in the kitchen. Had wanted mum to bring over one from Singapore as I heard that its not really that available in Brisbane. But guess what? I saw one at Big W that cost $79. After conversion, it cost about the same in Singapore.

One time, over CatchofTheDay, we saw an offer for exactly the same one for $49.95 and with shipping to my doorstep, only cost $65 in total! Bought it immediately and we were pleased that our grilled ribs turned out really well :)

Its easy: Just marinate the ribs overnight, put it in the broiler and cook!

It uses hot air that comes from the top to cook the meat.

The end product served with greens and pasta :) Yum!

2 other thoughts:

Pixie said...

Wah... never knew that a turbo broiler could grill meat. Your ribs look really yummy!

island said...

hee the ribs really tasted yummy. but the texture is not quite right. was a little tough. i believe there's a trick to ensure its not tough. anyone knows? another reason could also be that i have overcooked it :p

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