August 8, 2008

More Anchovies

Last month, I made some ikan bilis (fried anchovies and peanuts). Last week, I attempted it again. This time, I used peanuts with skin and added a bit more seasoning. I have also made a batch, 3x more than the previous and gave some to my SIL and PIL.

As usual, what you do is dry fry the peanuts and anchovies separately until they are nicely toasted and crispy. You can choose to put in some oil. For me, I used canola spray oil. Combine both the peanuts and anchovies in the wok and mix well. Add sugar and sweet chilli sauce and stir and cook, until it becomes sticky and the sugar has caramelised. Add enough sugar and sweet chilli to your taste.

It seems like this is a much more popular version than the dry fried ones. Everyone in my family loves it! Yum!

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