August 6, 2008

Hubby's Birthday

Hubby turns 3x today! He does not like to make a big fuss about birthdays and especially his own. He reckons it is just another day... except to be thankful for the life that God has given him and be thankful that he has the best gift of all - salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ.

A few other things to enjoy on and during your birthday, is to have birthday privileges and discounts :p Baskin Robbins Aust has a birthday club that anyone can join and sign up. Near your birthday, they will email you a coupon to print out and you can go to your nearest store to claim your free 70g scoop of any ice cream flavour. Hubby is not a big fan of ice cream. I signed him up nevertheless, so that he can give his wife (who loves ice cream even in this cold winter) a treat (at no extra cost). Being a member of this club, one can sign up your family (and I think friends too), so that you will be emailed a coupon on their birthdays. You can then give it to them and/share it with them ;p

You can also join a currently ongoing contest on a Christian family radio station 96five and see if you or your family/friend will be lucky enough to be picked to win a free birthday cake, courtesy of Toowong Fresh Patisserie. I signed up both hubby and my father-in-law (whose birthday was 2 days ago)... This morning at about 7.10am, hubby and I were woken up suddenly from his ringing mobile phone. The radio station rang him up and told him that he won the birthday cake! 1-2 minutes later, the short interview of "what are you doing for your birthday?" and "what did you get for your birthday?" of hubby was played on the radio station (anyone heard it??)

Toowong French Patisserie's shop front is big, not your typical cake shop

The carrot cake that I chose (hubby is not a fan of chocolate, coffee and liquer)

The night was spent with me and my in-laws (since we usually go over for dinner on Wednesdays). Thank God for the gift of this birthday cake for us to enjoy :)

It was a day loaded with sugar. Hubby's colleagues also celebrated for him with a marble mud cake from The Cheesecake Shop (one of my favourites)

My SIL, W made a cake (mixed berries with butter icing) last week. It was a hit with the family!

The same mixed berries cake but with a different decor. This was the original recipe and decor, made by W for R and G's birthdays last month

After so many sweet cakes, I am baking a savoury quiche for hubby's little surprise gathering with a few closer friends this Friday. The next 2 birthdays in this W family won't be until November. I wonder what cake will be next? :p

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