August 15, 2008

A Glimpse of Spring

It was some time when I last blogged about my garden. I thought I will do an update. Since the last time, my roma tomato plant died a natural death. My plant with small chillies also shed all its leaves (hopefully it is only a winter thing!) while my other chilli plants continue to bear chillies.

I was watering the garden and doing some pruning and weeding today, and I found out that my sweet potato plant had reproduced! Unfortunately I had already taken the new potato (root) out of the ground because I was cutting off some yellow-leaved parts. Anyhow I shall cook this up and taste to see if it is sweet :)

My little new sweet potato

Meanwhile I noticed that some other flowers are blooming. I suppose I should not be surprised since spring is arriving in about 2 weeks' time. Seeing the blooming flowers got me excited once more (especially since my garden does not seem to be producing much because of deficient sunlight).

Flowers of some succulent plant

A flower plant - pertuna.
This plant (under my clothes line) is growing better than those at other spots

Yellow flowers from my tomato plant. This (hopefully) will become a tomato :)

At the same time, these are the better growing plants that I have at the moment:

Rocket leaves (vegetables), aka arugula

Spring onions (the chinese type)

Flat leaf parsley. I have some curley ones too.

I think I have more to learn about gardening and will continue to experiment what grows and what not grow in my garden :)

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