August 2, 2008

3rd (& 1st) Year Anniversary

Today marks the 3rd year of this blog. I have been blogging for 3 years. Last year, I shared how blogging has changed my life. Now I am keeping the blog and blogging for similiar reasons: a platform to update folks back in Singapore and to keep myself accountable. I can also think of another reason, that is, to share (good) things/news/recipes with people.

In the past year, I have blogged mostly about my life in Brisbane. I still am doing that, especially sharing about my homemaking days. Speaking of which, this also marks my 1 year anniversary to moving to Brisbane.

It is amazing how people move around the globe and years later, you still meet them in another part of the world. The only 2 persons who are my friends (and not originally hubby's) are 2 of my secondary school friends - Y and L. Y used to be my really close good girlfriend from secondary school to junior college days. We parted when she came Brisbane for uni and she stayed here ever since. God has put Y in my life really for good reasons, even though she is not a believer (yet?). I don't know if Y is in God's will to be one. But I know that being here in the same city with her again, gives me that opportunity again. It is hard though, because it seems that after so many years, she cannot really understand God. Sometimes I think that perhaps I have not been a good Christian testimony to her all these years. But really, I don't have that 'power'. Only God can change people. I have to persevere and try and pray for Y.

As for L, I thought she was a Christian... perhaps not. It probably is God's divine arrangement that L and I now live very close to each other. We are just one suburb away about less than 5 mins' drive. We did not live close to each other in Singapore. Anyhow because of that and L's love for basketball (she used to play for school), she and her friend now joins me and hubby to watch Wasabi play on Sundays, somewhere near our homes. On top of that, they are also joining us to play badminton with our (Christian) friends as part of playing sports. Prayerfully, hubby and I can form good friendships with L and her friend through all these interactions and be able to, one day, share the the good news with them.

I have been thinking about it... maybe those reasons are why I am in Australia :) Nevertheless, I am still a Christian, whether in Singapore or Australia, and therefore called to be His disciple to share His word with people around me.

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