August 2, 2007

2nd Anniversay - Renovation in Progress

Its been exactly 2 years of blogging... Has blogging changed my life? I am sure has...
  1. Made me write less of my own journal book. My current book has been 2 years old and I've not used up the book! For the past 12 years of journaling, I discovered that I have kept about 10 books or more of thoughts and reflections.
  2. Blogging has allowed me to know people, in specifically, someone whom I will be getting married to in 3.5 months' time! ;)
  3. Blogging has kept me somewhat accountable, although I don't share the full details. This is so that I can maintain some confidentiality and privacy. I have been true and genuine in penning down my thoughts.
  4. It is a platform for me to update friends about what's happening to me. This updating platform will serve in greater use in 2 days' time.
Notice that the outlook of my blog has changed? Hmm... I am not totally pleased with it yet. So do look out for further changes when I have more time :)

Stay posted next from the land of Oz!

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