April 3, 2008


That is the name of the basketball team which consist of players mainly from CP CCCB. There has been a season of inter-church basketball competitions and hubby and I (in an attempt to do something with hubby in the things that he likes :p) have been going to support and watch them play every Sunday. It turned out to be quite exciting to watch... and to support the guys that we know.

Being there and watching the games live, has made me recollect my basketball days during secondary school. Those were the days that I played everyday before school, during recess and sometimes, after school. It was also an attempt (then) for me (hopefully) to grow taller :p In secondary 3 and 4, I was part of the team to play inter-class basketball competitions. There were quite a few netball (they turn basketball players to represent the class) and basketball school players in my class and so being part of the team, I have had the glory of winning silver and gold respectively in those years. In those days, I would also attend almost every game that my school team was competiting against to watch them and support them.

The game (snapped with my mobile phone camera)

Now when I watch the games, I felt the difference. Difference is, I have lost most of my energy to scream and cheer for the team. My throat feels dry when I scream a little bit. And, I also realised that I have forgotten some rules of the game and always bothering hubby "hey, what does that mean? What's that foul for?"

D, the star player, about to shoot one of the most crucial score

Wasabi has made it through to the finals last weekend. That game was really exciting! They have lost to this opponent before and this was the second time they met to compete. Not until the last minute, did Wasabi scored one more goal to win their opponent by 1 point! It was really so close and all of Wasabi supporters were sweating away and cheering for them and some silently prayed for them.

This Sunday, they will be competiting in the finals. And yes I will be there to cheer them on :)

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