May 17, 2008

Pineapple Tarts!

One of the food that I missed in Singapore is: pineapple tarts! Grandpa used to make heaps of them before Chinese New Year and they were my favourite. Dad used his recipe to bake some some years back. However I was never interested to learn, even though I was generally interested in baking. I suppose, when other members in my family can bake it, I figure I don't need to learn it... not until now that I am away from home in Brisbane...

My younger SIL's parents-in-law were here for a visit from Singapore. Aunty D is a very good peranakan cook. And so whilst she is here, we got her to conduct a cooking class for us. By popular demand, pineapple tarts became the choice.

Aunty D brought 1kg of her home-made pineapple jam over (there is a secret of getting that through the customs which I don't think I should divulge here :p). Today, we learnt how to make the pastry and put everything together.

Roll the pineapple into small balls... and put them onto the moulded pastry

The 3 kitchen hands - both my sisters-in-law and me!

The final yummy result after 40 minutes of baking

I will try making everything from scratch by myself one day. I need the mood and hopefully pineapples will be cheaper then.

3 other thoughts:

The Shtes! said...

I'm drooling over the picture...which means I must learn how to make this!

Mrs S.T :)

Sharon Tay said...

Hey Fren

You blog can become a foodie website already...... Lots of food.

Mr DT said...

My dear Island friend

Just wondering - when would u be able to make those lovely tarts for me??!!

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