May 15, 2008

My New Pair of Eyes

Being a resident of Australia, you are entitled to government's Medicare. On top of that, I bought some private health insurance (something which most people are highly encouraged to). At the time that I joined the private health fund, they had a promotion and waived all 2 and 6-month waiting periods. Hence I get to benefit from seeing a dentist and recently, a new pair of glasses!

How it works is this: I went to an optical shop and had my eyes tested. The fee of optician was fully covered by Medicare. In Australia, you must have your own eye prescription for corrective glasses or contact lenses. And for the premium that I paid for my private health fund, I can fully claim the cost of corrective glasses or contact lenses up to a certain maximum amount per year. So, for the amount that I am entitled to, I got this new pair of glasses free! I have only paid 3 months worth of subscription to the insurance (amounting to about A$50) thus far but I can be fully covered for this pair of glasses which would have cost me more than A$200.

For now, my brain needs to get used to the clear and bright vision that this new 'pair of eyes' gives me. And I need to get used to my bespectacled look (which I never got used to over the past 18 years) I was told to wear less contact lenses because the blood vessels in my eyes are not getting enough oxygen supply :( (hee, I just remembered a little story relating to my bespectacled look)

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