May 24, 2008

Winter 'Shoes' a.k.a. Socks

Winter's coming and I could not resist to buy this pair of home socks/shoes for home wear. I have been eyeing to buy this for some time but I could not justify the need for it. Some time later, I saw my MIL and SIL both had a pair and they were really useful and warm to wear. Finally this was on sale and I bought it at 20% off the original price at Kmart! :)

In my favourite pinks & mary janes design :)

This is a soft, knitted pair of shoes to be worn at home. It feels like wearing socks but it has a non-slip sole glued on at the bottom. There are many colours available. I know my Aussie mates will not find this an exciting discovery/purchase. But to my Singapore friends, I think they (especially the girls) will share my excitement :p

I also saw a pattern on Lincraft knitting newsletter to knit this. I will attempt undertake the project after I complete my current sweater project.

Just as I was posting this entry, hubby came back with another pair of home socks (but of different brand)!

Purple pair with different soles. This has many small circle rubber stoppers on the sole.

I mentioned it to my SIL a few days ago that I could not find it at Big W. I think she saw it today, bought it and had just passed to hubby to give to me. Now I have 2 pairs, both in the colours that I like :) Let's see if hubby will wear the purple pair. At least the colour is less feminine (although this is actually really for women :p)

I cannot wait for winter to arrive!! :)

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Carissa said...

Those winter shoes are looking so cute!!

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