March 20, 2008

He Loved Us First

Watermelon gal wrote a song for me and sang it at the wedding dinner held in Singapore. This song serves to remind me what love is and we should look for the definition of the word from my Lord and Savious Jesus Christ.

In Australia, there is an additional Easter Monday public holiday on top of Good Friday (which is tomorrow). So from tomorrow, I have a long weekend to rest and relax. There has been so much bunnies, chocolates and easter eggs on sale everywhere around me. BUT most people have forgotten the most important significance of Good Friday and Easter. I do not know how Easter and bunnies have any relations, but really, I am not bothered because it is not important. Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins some 2000 years ago and He rose to life and ascended into heaven 3 days later on Easter Day. That, is important to me... without which I will not be what I am today.

My prayer today: that there will be more and more people who will understand the true meaning of Good Friday and be able to share in this joy of salvation with me.

I’m glad to share this very special moment
You’re looking every bit the radiant bride
And I wish you all the joy that a heart can contain
And God’s grace for each day of life

As you learn to love and hold and cherish
And find magic in God’s precious gift of time
Remember your first promise that you gave as man and wife
And that it’s God who made you one in Christ

Remember the Christ who died for us
That it’s by the blood of sacrifice
We are cleansed from our sin
Remember the Son who said:
Not my will be done
Remember the one who loved us first
Remember that you were loved first

Love is true and generous and patient
It always has another’s good in mind
It needs no pride or envy and it chooses to have faith
For it stands in the love of Christ

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