April 4, 2008

Fruits of the Harvest

The puzzle to the mystery plant is solved. It is a chilli plant! It has found its way to another spot, just under 1 meter away from the 'mother' plant. I recognised it when I saw the white little flowers that droops downwards. It was the same flower that the mother chilli plant bears.

I have been wrapping up some green chillies in plastic bags to keep the bugs out and waiting for them to turn red. On Tuesday, I harvested 2 fully red chillies :) And I was so happy seeing the bright red colour of the chillies. It is the satisfaction that says "this comes from my garden!", even though the truth is that I am not a chilli fan :p I shall give them away to friends who wants them... Chilli is a fairly expensive commodity here in Brisbane, as compared to Singapore.

The red chillies :)

The next day, I cooked up some bak kut teh, using the Prima Deli mix that I have bought from Singapore (they are also available in Brisbane but I brought it from Singapore anyhow). The box provides the stock mix and even some dark soya sauce for dipping. We have to add our own chopped garlic and chilli to the soya sauce.

Prima Deli mix has real garlic in the stock mix

I am glad that my (in-laws) family enjoyed the dinner I prepared on Wednesday. I would rate the Prima Deli bak kut teh an "ok". I think it has too much pepper in it and I did not add any extra to it. My final verdict? I think you can use other bak kut teh mix and get similar or maybe even better tasting ones. But if you like lots of pepper, then go for Prima Deli :)

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