March 12, 2008

Everything Anew

Its been more than 3 long months that I've not blogged. Obviously I didn't quite have time to blog. Apologies to those who have been reading this and thinking "what's been happening to Island?" Take it as my honeymoon break then ;)

This is day 115 of me being "Mrs Quop". 115 days sounds short isn't it? To me, it feels like its been longer than that. I've enjoyed married life thus far :p I suppose the many events in life makes it feel like its been a long time. In fact, last week's events feel further than a week ago. The only thing that feels 'near', is when I had to do housework - "Didn't I just vacuum the floor yesterday?", when in fact it was a week ago that I last vacuumed.

Let me try to provide short summaries of various events that happened since November last year...
Moving into our new home
In one of my previous entry, I shared about how we got our new place. We moved in exactly one week before the wedding. The previous occupants could only vacate 8 days before our wedding and we moved in the next day. Was really good timing as my first overseas guest also arrived that morning and so she should stay in with us. Thinking back, it was a really 'messy' yet fun time - having friends and family staying all under one roof of a 3-bedroom townhouse.

MENpower and a truck rendered for the move

I was thankful for friends who helped us to move, parents-in-law and siblings-in-law who helped us to move and clean up the new place, my parents and family for bringing over some household items and my personal belongings from Singapore, practical and useful wedding gifts that we received, etc. We were indeed and truly very very blessed.

My new bed (then). We were really blessed to buy this queen-sized latex mattress & base for half the price of normal retail! Owner of shop happened to be hubby's high school mate. This bed has been the same reason why we tend to want to sleep in everyday...

Wedding gifts - the Corelle dining set was exactly the set that I like and had thought of getting. The couple who gave us this gift did not know that I like the exact same set.

The numbers 1 and 7
These 2 numbers are easy to remember. The numbers make up the digits of my birthday and my wedding day and they are 16 days apart. I have made hubby promised never to celebrate both the occasions together.

By the grace of God, we finally got married. We are thankful that the wedding service had encouraged many guests. We were most concerned with God's word that was shared at the wedding. Everything else was secondary.

My new enlarged family - my parents, my sister, my brother, parents-in-law, 2 sisters-in-law, 3 brothers-in-law (2 are Singaporeans) and a (then) 11-month-old 'niece-in-law'

We also had a celebration in Singapore 6 weeks after our 'first' wedding. Had a good time (but not enough) catching up with family and friends for 2 weeks. Having 2 weddings was tough and stressful. I wonder how those with 3 weddings do it!

Singapore wedding - with my 2 flower girls Cha and Jo

A simple wedding dinner

2 weddings = 2 honeymoons. We went for 2 short honeymoon trips, which in total, was probably only half of other's usual 1 honeymoon trip. After my family and overseas friends left Brisbane, we went for a simple 3-nights' stay at Mount Tambourine. It was a simple hotel/motel room. The only highlight was the spa bath tub and the Japanese theme of the room. We like the idea of honeymoon being a relaxing one and so we didn't plan any programme but just went there to rest and recuperate from my ill health (since 2 weeks before the wedding) and our stressed minds and bodies from wedding preparation and events.

After the Singapore celebration, we flew to Bali for a 2-nights' stay at a resort. Even though this was a shorter trip, the place was really rather luxurious for us. We were really thankful for my good friends who had given it to us as a gift for us to enjoy and relax. The package came with romantic meals, 2-hr massages and a stay at the lodge with a spa bath and a private eternity pool. I suppose no time is too short for a rest. The trip marked a closure to all our wedding related events.

New married life in 2008
We were happy to return to Brisbane to begin our new life together. God was really gracious... we returned to Brisbane on a Monday and by the Thursday of the same week, I had a call to go for an interview the next day. A week after the interview, I got a call that I was successfully recruited amongst the few candidates that they interviewed. And another week later, I started work.

I was really amazed at how God answered my prayers regarding the job that I have gotten. The job had that hours that I wanted, the location that I had hoped for (near home), Asian boss and colleagues that I had wished for, flexibility in arrangement of work hours and in the industry that I was very familiar with. I am now working part-time permanently at a doctor's practice. I am really thankful for the work even though I am much over qualified for the job, I am contented and happy with the nature of work. The part-time hours gave me time to spend time on other things. I had taken one month to get used to the hours and time management, etc. After all, it is well known that the Aussie lifestyle is slow and relaxing... so I am happy to take things slower (although I am too fast for them) Thus far, I am not bored. There is always something for me to do and often, not enough time to do the things I want. This explains why I have been absent from blogging... :)

Church & Ministries
Hubby and I attend a young adults (yes, I am still young) fellowship group in church. Hubby has just been given the leadership of the group and since I am learning to be a supportive wife to him in that aspect.

I have taken up the coordination role of church's Welcomer's Ministry. It has been really nice to meet new people and looking out for them. Even though my church is small, many of the recent newcomers are from Singapore! I am glad that I can help to look out and minister to my fellow countrymen.

I am also now meeting up with 2 younger girls to do a set of women's bible studies and we meet every fortnight. Its been good and we hope to continue to grow in the knowledge of God's word.

Hmm, I wish I had more time to do my knitting... its autumn now means winter is coming and I am looking forward to it!

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