September 18, 2007

How God Answers Prayers - Part 2

I definitely wasn't expecting a Part 2 to my previous post. I am so amazed how God provided and answers prayers. Its ironic how sometimes when you pray for something but probably think that God will answer (or maybe even not answer) it at a later time. But in His good time, He has answered prayers and gave blessings at an earlier and 'unprepared' time which I didn't expect. But hey, this means that God is God. He is in full sovereign control over our lives - in the good and the bad times.

God has graciously provided a roof over our heads when W and I get married in 2 months' time. I don't think I want to share details (if you want details, you can email me for me :p), but God has provided us a home in:
  1. Timing (viewing of place, settlement date)
  2. Availability
  3. Locality
  4. Cost
  5. Finance
  6. Favour (Sellers chose us over the other competing offers even though we are not the highest)
  7. Sun direction
  8. Privacy
  9. Cheap (some without cost) and good-conditioned furniture and household items
  10. Design of the place

Really very thankful... God had also provided me in many other ways. Through all the ups and downs while I have been since in Brisbane (its been more than 6 weeks), I have learnt to trust God more and am able to grow in trust and dependence of Him. Hope that I will continue to do so...

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