November 30, 2007

My New Eco

When we move into our new place 3 weeks ago, we were given a 2nd hand top loader washing machine. In fact the previous owner told us that it makes some loud noise when you wash the low and heavy load. A medium load will be okay. Oh well, we didn't mind anyhow... (even though it is not a water efficient machine since it is a top loader machine). We figure that we can use it first and then buy a new one if and when it crashes on us.

And so, after 3 washes since I moved in, the washing machine died on us. The machine could not drain the water out at the "spin dry" mode. The machine just stopped working at that stage. 2 days before the wedding and the machine died on us. We didn't have time to go research and scout for one, until the afternoon that we checked out of our honeymoon hotel. It was like "ok, the honeymoon is over. Its back to reality and we better do something about our washing machine". So last weekend, we spent the entire weekend looking and researching on our 'big' purchase (since we were given a 2nd hand fridge, the washing machine will be our one biggest spending item).

The search ended. Between the "AEG" brand by Electrolux (the top notch model) and the normal Electrolux, we decided to get the normal one. The price we got from Union Shopper wasn't too bad. Managed to buy an extended 3 years warranty with Electrolux (apparently they are a very big and reliable company) and got it delivered and dispose the old machine for the price that we paid. On top of that, we can go to the government to claim $200 rebate because it is an water-efficient machine (see picture below). So there it is, the washing machine arrived yesterday, but it arrived badly dented. The new perfect conditon washing machine arrived today. And yes I am pleased with the wash :)

Electrolux Eco 7kg

Energy consumption of 121kWh per year (cold wash). My old machine was 300+kWh.
It consumes 68 litres of water per wash.

My debut load (view from my bathroom)

This grey water came out from the wash. The old machine had more that this sink can contain. This water would be recycled to flush my toilets. It looks smelly but its not :p

I will update more about what's been happening for the past few weeks soon... when I have the time :p

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