November 2, 2007

Joining A New Club

Many of my peers have joined the club - the 30s club. I joined later... My membership begins today.

R asked me how does it feel to turn 30. I replied that I feel old. When I was in my teenage years, I kept hoping to reach 20 because I think that between 20-30, is the prime time of a woman and I want to be there. Now at the end of it, it felt that the past decade flew by so quickly.

Then again, life's getting exciting. This is my first birthday spent overseas, away from my own family and my long-time friends. Instead its my first birthday spent with W and in addition, I had his family to spend it with. And this is my last birthday spent as a "single" status. In 16 more days, my marital status will be changed. It is also because of that that clouded my mind about today. I do remember my birthday but it feels different. My mind is more concerned of the events that will be changing my life over the next 2 weeks.

I was doing a little shopping today and I was thinking if I could have a little treat for myself. As in previous years, I would kinda give myself a treat by getting a gift for myself (good excuse). As I walked around, thinking what to get, I realised there's nothing I really wanted or even bear to part my money with to give myself that treat. I didn't want to spend too much (especially now that I'm trying to be extra prudent) and didn't feel like buying/spending it on clothes, didn't want to spend money on food, didn't also want to spend the money on beauty care, handbags, shoes. I ended up not buying anything. And I came to realise that no gifts beat having loved ones around me to spend my birthday with. And it makes me thankful that even though my own family and close friends are not with me, I have a new additional family here to love me and my old friends still remembering my birthday!

For the curious, W was with me and the first to wish me happy birthday at the turn of midnight and prayed with and for me. He also gave me a bouquet of flowers in the theme of my favourite pink after his work (which was a surprise because he is not a gift person and don't usually buy flowers for me) and he coordinated a surprise dinner and dessert (Singaporean fare) gathering for me with his family. He splurged a bit on me when we are supposed to be saving money... I know its because he wanted me to have a good time on my birthday which is spent away from my home.

(Dinner at "Shiok" - a restaurant that served rather authentic Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine)

At the dinner table with char kuey teow, hor fun, hainanese chicken rice, etc...

The smiling faces - proof of happy people and yummy food

At Just Soy Cafe - Frappe (ice kacang copycat but you choose what ingredients you want)

Thank God for the years that He has watched over me. I pray that I will continue to honour and please him with the life that He has given me.

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lyn_214 said...

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