October 31, 2007

Beautiful Jacarandas

Jacarandas are flowers that are purple and shaped like a bell. They are in bloom in Spring in Brisbane around this time. I always marvel at the sight of the purple bloom whenever I drive around and seeing some along the streets.

2 Sundays ago, W brought me to UQ park to see the many Jacaranda trees there. And last Saturday, after my trial wedding make-up, we went to New Farm Park to take more (kinda like pre-wedding ones) photos with Jacarandas :) (with the help of W's friend)

2 other thoughts:

thechias said...

The Jarcarandas are pretty aren't they? I like gazing at time too. So wonderful is God's creation. It's rare to see a tree all purple with no green on them. =) There's one Jarcarandas tree in the middle of SMBC, right in front of the lawn where we have our morning tea. The flowers would fall into Roger's coffee mug.

Roger's college mate, Jossy (who worked in Brisbane) said that legend goes that if the flower falls and lands on your head, you will fail your exams. Roger then exclaimed, "What is this tree doing here?" =P

Have a great 2 weeks before your wedding. It must be very exciting. =) Take care!

island said...

yeah i've heard that if it falls on you, something will happen to your exams. but i couldn't remember if its pass or fail :p UQ has many Jacarandas too. its amazing they still produce so many students who pass their exams!

you take care too! :)

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