October 4, 2007

Beautiful Flowers

Last Saturday, 5 of us drove about 1.5 hours west of Brisbane city to another city in Queensland known as Toowoomba. Every year this time in Spring, the flowers in Toowoomba attracts many to go see the gardens of beautiful flowers.

The sight of the flowers is not something you can get in Singapore. We also visited the Chows who were there for 6 months because Daddy Chow needs to work there. The Chows brought us around to 2 gardens and the garden of an award-winning house. It was a pity that we were a bit rushed for time and hence there was no time for us to sit down and smell the flowers. We were mostly busy with clicking our cameras to take photos. It would have been an ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon in Spring time, in the garden of pretty colourful flowers and jazz music playing in the background (there was a jazz band playing in one of the gardens). I told myself that I want to go back there next Spring.

The highlight of the day (for me) was to visit the garden of the winner of the house garden competition. Yes the house was big but the garden is *might be* even bigger. Every corner you turn, you see flowers. There were nice sitting places at certain locations, plus various bushes of plants and some trees, walking in that garden was a really cozy and happy feeling... with the thought "if only this was my house's garden... (except that I cannot maintain this!)" The owner had been staying there for the past 27 years. Anyone can tell that maintaining that garden is the work of a (if not 2) full-time gardener! The owner does his own maintenance and gardening. How I wish I could go there to take wedding photos...

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