September 8, 2007

How God Answers Prayers

Its really amazing how God answers prayers...

Many things have been changing and developing in my life... Thank God for time that I could spend in prayer and reading His word since I've not been working. On Tuesday morning, I began to pray for God to provide me with a suitable job so that I could begin to earn my living and save for future. I was intending to work temp / casual until Jan next year. I've been kinda lazy to work but yeah... I should be working... That Tuesday evening, W received a call. It was P. P was W's friend from church. He had said that he could help me find work because he owns a recruitment agency. Since I've been here for slightly over a month, I've not really actively and seriously look for a job. Neither has P asked me if I am free/keen since I was here... until Tuesday evening! I quickly edited my resume and sent it off to P that night. It was really cool! Prayed in the morning, answered in the evening! Work place is 20 mins' drive away and quite easy to drive there, flexible time/hours (I can work anytime and any day), good pay (I would have gotten half of that if I were to do the same type of temp work in SG), brainless job (filing, cataloguing, archiving). What better can it get?

When I was going to work today, I was just thinking and asking God how this job will be like. I was a bit anxious (this being my first job in Brisbane). But I thought, if God has provided and given me this job opportunity, I trust that He knows what He's doing... When I arrived at the office reception, I picked up my mobile and wanted to use the phone. Strangely, I noticed my mobile was a little wet/cool (could have been the cold weather and the rain). Next I noticed my mobile was switched off. And next I realised, the bottle of water which I had filled it up at home, had almost emptied everything out into my bag!! The next 5 mins saw me busy trying to clean and dry up my belongings - wallet, sunglasses, PDA, mobile, etc. Boy, it was really WET! I was totally feeling so lousy, because my PDA and mobile could not get working. I think too much water went in. And guess what? I didn't have backups! Awwwhhhh!!! My mood was totally gone... and was so much hoping to go home! (In the end, I only worked for 5.5 hours and asked to leave early!)

When I was doing filing, I kept praying to ask God to revive my PDA and mobile. I realised I was so dependent on them... I was wondering what a 'jinx' to be having this job and I had to come work and my water bottle leaked and my entire bag was wet. (I don't believe in being jinx. I still believe that God is in total control. That was a passing thought). 2 hours later, the other casual staff came in. We chatted quite a bit (I mean what other brains you require whilst doing filing right?) and somehow the conversation turned to my Christian faith. I then realise that he is a Catholic, although he calls himself a Christian. He is a very open guy, open to ideals, discussions, etc. I ended up sharing with him a lot about the Christian faith (of which some of it he already know). His view is that all religions lead to the same God and I was trying to explain to him why it isn't and Jesus Christ was the only way, truth and life to salvation and reconciled with God. Half way through, I realised why God 'sent' me to work there - to talk to this guy and I hope, seeds were sown. Today was the guy's last day at the company and it was my first day. I left him with more questions which was good because they will cause him to search more and prayerfully, he will find the truth. I invited him to visit my church and he's welcome to ask my pastor any questions. I'm glad that at least some good came out of today... It was a very rare opportunity that I can share my faith like that. It also makes me realised that I should be more prepared and equipped.

Back at home, I was really happy to see 2 big boxes in my room. My 2 parcels of belongings from SG has finally arrived! They have taken almost 2 months to arrive! I have been a little worried about them and if they were having problems at the Customs. And I did pray that they will arrive here soon. In fact, W prayed it as one of the items that Tuesday night (same night as I got the offer of the job) as we prayed together before we sleep. Really very thankful that they've finally arrived and everything was intact.

I realised how small my faith has been at times. How often do I pray and ask in faith? God in His sovereign time and plan has chosen to answer our prayers in due time and ways. I just need to continue to trust and depend on Him. Its really amazing and I am humbled by God...

Really hope that my PDA and mobile can get going. Uncle offered to give me his PDA because he wasn't using it. So hey! Maybe God provides me with a PDA! But really, I still hope that my PDA data is not gone and I can still retrive them and be given a chance to back up my data!!

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