September 3, 2007

Fireworks, Father's Day, Nature & The Milky Way

After having 'cooped' up in the suburban areas of Brisbane, I finally made my way down to the city last Friday. I parked my car at Garden City and found my way to take a bus to the city. To my surprise, I got there in 15 minutes! The buses go through special bus roads where only buses can drive through. A part of it runs along the Motorway (Expressway) which makes it faster.

The bus stops at Queen Street Bus Station. This station is an underground one and is located at the basement level of Myer Centre. Thankfully when I got to the ground level of the shopping centre, I see the venue where I was heading - Borders Bookstore! I spent a good 2 hours there reading and finding references & ideas for wedding, cooking, etc. What surprised me to realise is that I was a bit not used to the crowd of people I saw. I mean what is "crowded" when I grew up in a crowded city? I think I was getting used to living in the suburban area that I may be prefering my quietness and space :p

Every year around this time is the Brisbane River Festival. W and I went to watch the fireworks on Saturday evening. The fireworks were spectacular! We stood at Kangaroo Point, hoping to see the fireworks around the city. Boy, when the fireworks went off at 7pm, I felt like I was surrounded by fireworks! They went off from various points of the city, including the Story Bridge and they were ongoing for 30 minutes!! Compared to those we had seen in Singapore back home, there were heaps more and more grand here! But I must say that I think those in Singapore had more variety :p There were so many people at various parts of the city watching the fireworks! It was a pity that from where I was, I could not see those at the Story Bridge very well. Well, there's always a next year ;p

After church on Sunday, W and I went to "Heaven & Earth Tour". We began with the Earth tour by having a free guided tour of the Mount Coot-tha Botanical Gardens. We saw so many plants, cacti, ferns and trees... I was quite facinated by some of them :) I managed to try eating the fruit of coffee plant, touched and smelt various cooking herbs and nice-smelling flowers (those used to make soaps). It has given me motivation to want to grow my own parsley (although I don't eat them), thyme, basil, zucchini, etc in my backyard if and when I have my own home.

The relaxing afternoon was accompanied by afternoon tea of scones with juice, coffee and tea. The Heaven part of the programme kicked in where we went to the Planetarium where we sit on comfortable seats and looked into the 'sky'. The 30-minute screening taught us about the Universe, the Milk Way, planets around the sun, the Brisbane skyline and the stars that you can see on Brisbane skies. It was a truly educational and interesting session... makes me want to drive to a rural part of Brisbane to better see the stars that our Creator God has created.

Sunday was also Australia's Father's Day. We surprised W's dad in church to listen to him preach at the Chinese Service. The sermon was a really good one which spoke about our relationship with God the Father and our relationship with our own children (most of them were old folks). We also whipped up a simple pasta and salad dinner for the folks at home before rushing to watch the 6pm movie "Amazing Grace".

It was quite an eventual weekend... physically tiring but meaningful. I am contented and just learning to thank God for every little thing :)

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