August 29, 2007

"So... What Have You Been Up To?"

I'm often being asked this question and/or the like, both in Singapore (as soon as they know I've left my job) and in Brissy (since I have not begin to look for work yet). At each gathering of people, I could be asked this question potentially at least 3 times. But yeah I've learnt to appreciate people's concern for me by asking those questions and its also a way to get to know me better. So here's a (long) summary of what I have been up to since my last blog entry :p

1) Made/learnt how to make steamed buns (bao 包) from future MIL. The healthier option of wholemeal flour was used instead of normal white flour. Minced beef with carrots and potatoes were used for stuffing. Looks really easy to make! The freshly steamed 包s were really yummy!!

2) Brisbane Leadership Training. Attended the weekend retreat from 17 to 19 August. I have attended retreat last year when I was here in Brisbane over the same period of time. BLT aims to bring good biblical teaching to its attendees and to challenge them to be future leaders through equipping them and encouraging them. The topic was on the Holy Spirit and to clear up any misconceptions and misunderstandings of the Holy Spirit. The bible expositions on the role of HS in churches and in our lives, were really good and clear. I have learnt quite a bit more about the Holy Spirit (I mean we should not give up learning God's word better right?). And of cos I also got to know a few more people better this time.

I was reminded that where God's word is, there the Holy Spirit is. No mention of the "Holy Spirit" does not mean that it does not exist in our lives nor our churches. Holy Spirit is present where God's word is, whether we acknowledge it or not. The Holy Spirit's only role is to point us to Jesus Christ. The Spirit leads and guides us in our lives and living out God's word but ultimately, it is to point us to Jesus. What also struck me was that having joy is not an emotion. Whether we feel happy or sad, we can still have joy, simply because we have the hope and confidence in Jesus Christ and His coming again to bring us to him.

3) W and I had a good and helpful session of Pre-Marriage Counselling with Pastor and Mrs Chia. Really thankful for them to be in Brisbane and we can have this privilege of 1-to-1 counselling and preparation.

4) My furthest drive in Brisbane so thus was from home to airport. It takes about 20-30 minutes. But on my return trip, I send someone to the city and then I had to make my way back home. Had to send someone to airport to help W's mum as she wasn't free to do so. This is part of ministry :)

5) I was given a Korean DVD drama of Full House. I watch bits of it almost everyday and is completing the 16-episode drama soon :)

6) I finally could obtain sufficient documents and evidence for me to apply for a Queensland Driving Licence. The authorities required proof that I am living and staying in Queensland. Thankfully I don't need to take further tests for it. My licence now is valid for 5 years (yes, only 5 years!). Singapore's photocard licence is valid for life!

7) Since I came, I have also tried to cook and bake some stuff. Other than pasta, salad and my usual cakes, I gave a shot to cook braised pork ribs. And I was happy that it turned out better than what I expected! :)

8) It is also the 'culture' here that people will help one another shift house. Last Saturday, we helped S move house. It was a good time of workout and we were rewarded with lots of pizza after that!

9) W's paternal grandma turned 89 recently. The extended family gathered for potluck dinner. Other than me getting overwhelmed by the huge family and all the faces, names and connection ties to remember, I was really blessed and encouraged by the time there (and enjoyed all the yummy Asian-cum-Western food)

Families with young kids had to leave early. The adults left behind gathered and sang hymns to each other. There was testimonial sharing of how grandma has been to them (grandma's children), how God has given and blessed, and sang songs and prayed prayers that speak of God's goodness and His providence. This was the first time I gathered in a family to have a 'mini church service' of sort.

I was also greatly moved and encouraged to hear how grandma raised her children up in the ways of God, telling them stories of Jesus when they were young. Grandma has been faithfully praying for her children, grandchildren and great-grand children daily. Wow! I pray I will also be faithful in doing so for my future generations!

10) I have also started to knit again. This time I am knitting a cool sweater for myself :) Although my needles have not arrived with my belongings sent over from Singapore, I borrowed a needed pair from my future SIL.

11) About 2.5 days ago, I decided to join Facebook. Within those hours, I now have hooked up with 115 friends! That was a really fast rate! I have been resisting to join FB and have since been a little bit addicted to it. Boy, I have linked up with many of my school friends!

12) Last evening, I went to Brisbane Powerhouse for an Acapella concert with some folks from church. The quartet is known as "Idea of North". I really enjoyed it... Have not heard live Acapella singing for some time and these folks were really good!

Amidst doing all that, I have also spent good time in doing some reading books and God's Word and praying. Ocassionally, I also flip through bridal magazines, newspapers and shopping catalogues, help out in some cooking and taking afternoon naps. And to answer most curious people, yes I am hoping to find work soon... need to earn a living... ;p

Before I end, here's to leave you a picture of some beautiful flowers in the front lawn of where I'm living :) And mind you, they grew beautifully even when watered with recycled water from the washing machine :p

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Anonymous said...

hi there, I saw you on Mayhsin's blog and tracked you down. I hear you're getting married - congrats! Wishing you His peace and joy as you prepare for your wedding and a life together in Him! April (email:

storm said...

hey! can i pls get the recipe for the bao? it looks so good!

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