July 26, 2007

Benefits of Being At Home

I think I like to stay at home... Stayed at home on Monday and was so lazy to go out. R introduced me to watch a tv programme on weekdays 11.30am on Channel 5. I tuned in then and I love the programme "Loving Spoonfuls"!

LS is a Canadian cooking programme where the host would visit a grandmother of a different race/country and the grandmother would share her home hand-me-down recipes. Sometimes the grandmother would also share her life experiences. E.g. today, a Hungarian grandmother shared how she know her husband and how her husband passed away from pneumonia when she was 75. It was a moving story... On the programme, she also taught how to make Hungarian cucumber salad, sour cherry soup and wine cream dessert. The other day, a grandmother taught how to make "rollermops"?! It was a beef dish rolled up with pickles, onions and mustard. What a cute name :) It was like how my grandfather taught me baking last weekend! Except that he shared his life baking experiences with me... ;)

If I am at home, I probably won't be able to watch these tv programmes. After a 30-minute LS, its the one-hour "Martha Stewart" show. Although its supposed to be a cooking/home making programme, its also like a variety show. Well if you ask me, I prefer LS ;)

Its really a nice feeling not to be working... watch tv while knitting (yes I am on my new project for myself), do housework, do some 'work' on the computer and some packing I've to do... but I need to be disciplined with my time :) Hopefully I will learn that better :p

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