July 24, 2007

Baking Weekend

Grandpa (my 爷爷) stayed at my place over the weekend. Grandpa has had a hard life. When he was younger, he learnt to cook, bake, sew and did carpentry and became (almost) a jack of all trades. He was hardworking and frugal. Every cent that he and my deceased grandma earned, they saved it up.

Since grandpa could bake and I have interest in baking, he decided to pass me his secrets! On Friday, he brought his equipment to my place. Over the weekend, he taught and demonstrated how to make a normal cake, swiss roll, cheesecake (like those from Fiesta) and durian puffs! With various proportions of plain flour, eggs, butter, water and sugar, we can make these different cakes/pastries. The methods vary a bit but it is pretty simple to learn :p

My favourites were the cheesecake and durian puffs. I am not a great fan of durian puffs, but these really tasted really good! With the same method of making choux pastry, we can make cream puffs and chocolate eclairs! :)

Making of durian puffs from fresh durian paste from the fruit itself! No preservatives added!

Am fortunate to have my 94-year-old grandpa to teach me these... he is really a wonderful man! During this time, there has been much communication problems... he speaks Hainanese and me trying to understand at the same time. I can't quite speak much of it but I can understand small bits of it. It really also taught me patience... Because of this communication barrier, I find it so difficult to share Christ with him. Please pray for grandpa to be open to the gospel and for me to be bold and able to communicate with him. He's really getting very old and since grandma passed away 3 months ago, I know he is quite prepared to follow her anytime. Although he really looks okay most times, but when you ask him how he is, he'll say "di liao", which means die already. Thank God that grandpa is still very strong physically and able. I pray that God is keeping him alive so that he learn to accept Christ as personal Lord and Saviour.

2 other thoughts:

hamster said...

Will pray for him to accept Christ, and for your life to continue to be godly even as you move over to Oz.

Ms Krong said...

hey, it's wonderful to have a grandpa who can bake and who is even willing pass on his trade secrets to you! :)

yes, I pray that God will open your grandpa's heart to receive God's love and salvation... through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen! -EY

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